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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Letter to Shell: Stop Doing Business with Terrorist Regime of Iran!

ShellJohn Hofmeister
Shell Oil Co.
P.O. Box 2463
Houston, TX 77252
(713) 241-6161

Dear Mr. Hofmeister,

It has come to our attention that Shell recently signed a $10 billion contract with the terrorist government of Iran.

We don't need to remind you that the Iranian regime is oppressing 70 million people and has been one of the primary sponsors of terrorism for almost thirty years. The terrorist government of Iran controls some of the most notorious Islamic terrorist groups, and the Iranian president has threatened to wipe Israel, our only reliable ally in the Middle East, off the map. Not to mention that Iran is racing towards obtaining nuclear weapons.

When you were in Omaha on February 16, 2007 you stated that "Once it [oil] gets into the global trading market, it's just oil. Whether it's sourced from Venezuela or Mexico or Canada, it's really hard to track it. It can be tracked, and it's very hard, and most people don't track it." We agree, it is hard to track oil after it gets mixed. But you know what is easy? You can be 100% sure that an oil pipeline does not contain any oil from Iran if you do not import Iranian oil.

The terrorist government of Iran is complicit in some of the deaths of British and Dutch troops in Iraq. More than 150 of them were killed (http://icasualties.org/oif/DeathsByYear.aspx) since 2003, and
Shell's blatant disregard for the loss of life of their countrymen is abhorrent.

Maybe the Brits and the Dutch are okay with the fact that Shell provides financing to the terrorist regime, but the Americans are not.

Being an American, how can you sleep at night knowing that your company gives money to the terrorists who murder American troops?

We implore you to do the right thing and sever all ties with the terrorist Iranian regime.

We do not wish to put your company out of business, but we urge you to consider the consequences of Chavez' UN speech: over 2,000 7-Eleven stations dropped Citgo. Can you imagine the uproar when American people realize that Shell is partly responsible for 3,500+ dead Americans? Maybe Shell could withstand the pressure from the American government; but we highly doubt that it would be able to withstand the pressure from the American people.

The undersigned,

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Blogger CRUSADER said...

I signed the petition, and thanks for the heads up on it.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

Why do you stand by Israel? Israel is a terror state itself.

Why was your account removed from the gasbuddy site? Is it because you were calling people who didn't agree with you names?

Will you post this comment or will you only post positive comments about your company?

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the reasons we stand by Israel is because we're not dumb nazi fucks like you. Why do you even bother with omahadriver3388? Why don't you come out and say "Hail Hitler" and "1933 is the best year in history"? There are other reasons, but hopefully this one would piss you off the most, you nazi scum.

8:22 PM  
Blogger truth said...

I thought you may want to know that Shell is doing some terror of
their own to get their oil. In Nigeria they are killing people who
speak against them, and basically robbing the people of their national
resources. (This information came from the king of Nigeria who told a Pastor at graduation a year or 2 ago. His daughter was graduating from the same seminary.)

6:19 PM  

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